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Simple Catapult Project

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Part ID Size How many needed Material Type Name Part Photo
A 6 feet x 6 x 2 2 Strong Wood Side Base  
B 43 x 6 x 2 2 Strong Wood Front Arm  
C 43 x 6 x 2 2 Strong Wood Back Arm  
D 36 x 6 x 2 2 Strong Wood Center Arm  
E 65" x 6" x 1" 1 Strong Wood Catapult Arm  
F   1 TBD later Catapult Object Holder  
G   1   Front Bungee attach - Closed Hook  
H   1   Catapult Bungee attach - Closed Hook  
I 1/2 inch 3 Metal Round Rods  
J   6 Metal Rods Locks  
K   2 Metal "Check Name"  
L 28" x 4" x 2" 2 Strong Wood Front and back base  
M 40" extensible to 100" 2 Elastic Bungee Cord  
N   1   Shock Aborsbing Material  
O   2 Metal Simpson Strong-Tie plates  
P   6 Metal Simpson Strong-Tie plates  

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