Caesarea September 2004

We got married !


Wedding Date

It was on September 21st 2004 

Reception at 19:30
Hupa at 21:00

At The Yekev Caesarea

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Some pictures

Little history about Caesarea

Herod built Caesarea in little more than a decade after Augustus Caesar gave him the place in 30 B.C. Herod thoughtfully named the city after him, and it grew to be a major port. An earthquake in the second century destroyed the artificial harbor, but a makeshift one was put together to the south, and the town grew through the Byzantine period before entering a long decline after the Arab conquest. The Crusaders seized the place in 1101 and fortified a part of the Roman city. When they left in 1265, the town lay abandoned until 1884, when the Turkish government settled a small group of Bosnians here. They survived until 1948. Today the site is an Israeli national park.

Photos of Caesarea

General Information

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  • Warm, not too hot, and should not rain :)

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